6 Tips on choosing the right promotional product for your company


So you’ve decided to allocatea portion of your marketing budget to purchase promotional products. How do you know what the most appropriateitem is to choose?

Suitable to the Industry

It sounds obvious, but takecare to pick a promotional item that is suitable to the industry of your business. This doesn’t mean that you have to pick computer related items if you sell computers because actually, thinking outside the square can often be beneficial. It means taking care not to choose green or eco themed items if you are a paper company or in the oil refinery business. It means don’t choose promotional lip balms if you are beauty company, because you don’t want to compete with your own product, as the promotional item is generic and becauseyou don’t want to give away for free what you are trying sell!

Reflect your activity andvalues

If you are pharmaceutical,finance or medical company for example, you would not choose a novelty orhumourous promotional item to hand out to your respected clients as this wouldconflict with your serious, professional values. If you were a business thatmade expensive, high tech machine parts you wouldn’t choose a cheap, noveltyitem to promote your brand because it goes against what you are trying topromote. Like wise a local pizza joint wouldn’t need to invest in high end,conservative items and would be best to stick to something novel and fun toreflect the business and the brand. Taking care to choose a promotional productthat will reflect and compliment your business practices is essential forsuccess in this kind of marketing campaign.

Stick to your Budget

While you must take care withthe image and values you want to reflect, you must also consider the budget.Not all businesses can afford to spend half of their advertising budgets ongiveaways, and it is not always appropriate for businesses to invest heavily inpromotional items. Think about what you are trying to achieve with thepromotional item and invest accordingly. If your budget won’t stretch to thequantities you want, then focus on the quality and reduce the number of clientsyou will target with the campaign, alternatively if you are looking for a mass,direct mail out campaign, select an item that will post cheaply and can bebought relatively cheap in large quantities.

Consider your TargetMarket

There’s no point choosing theperfect promotional item for your business if it’s something your potential andexisting clients will not appreciate. If you’re selling wholesale computerparts, then why not cater the item to the client, a technically oriented,computer enthusiast who might prefer something related to the equipment theyuse or the types of activities they might enjoy. This usually means making somestereotypical judgements, but you have to try and please the majority. Forexample companies that have a strong sales culture might focus on golf relateditems because sales people often network and enjoy their leisure time playinggolf. If your product and business is broad then you have a little room to moveand you should use what you do know about your clientele to make your choicewhether that might be as simple as gender or financial status.

How does it Look?

This might be somethingpeople over look, but how your logo or company name will look on thepromotional item is a serious consideration.  If you have a yellow,rounded symbol then you wouldn’t pick a orange or yellow slim line article, youmight prefer something in a contrasting colour such as black and you might gofor something bigger and better able to present the shape of your logo orsymbol. If you have a fussy or embellished design or font for your companyname, you might want to keep your colours simple and your item flat andtraditional to help reflect the image of the company name and the design.

Can I post that?

If you are personally handingout the promotional product to clients and colleagues then you won’t be toolimited to what you might choose, but if you are looking for a direct mail outitem then always pick something flat, light and unbreakable. You don’t wantyour marketing mail out campaign costs blowing out because your promotional item weighs too much, and you would not want acustomer receiving a broken product with your name on it! Likewise, make sureit fits in the letter box, you don’t want it being forced in or required asignature to be received.

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