AMH Wholesale Travel Announces Cost Effective Travel Incentives for Businesses


AMH Wholesale Travel Announces Cost Effective Travel Incentives for Businesses

Santa Barbara, Calif. (PRWEB) November 4, 2006

AMH Wholesale Travel, a company that specializes in showing travelers how to vacation at wholesale prices, now offers vacations with marketing strategies tailored for businesses to use as incentive programs to increase profits.

“Today’s marketplace is highly competitive, so business owners must use effective strategies for their product or service to stand out amongst their competitors,” said AnaMaria Herrera, owner of AMH Wholesale Travel. “Vacation and travel incentives are some of the most powerful methods for attracting new customers, retaining clientele, increasing profits and improving employee productivity. A potential customer can be bombarded with numerous options for the same product or service, so it is crucial to employ incentives to retain your existing customer base and reward their referrals, as well as to attract new consumers.”

“It’s imperative to distinctively separate your business from the competition,” AnaMaria stated emphatically, “and give your prospective customer such a compelling offer that they will come to the conclusion, ‘This is an offer I can’t refuse.'”

An employer also has the challenge of maintaining a loyal and productive staff. Fewer than one in four American workers is working at full potential; half of all workers do no more than directly asked, and 75% of employees say they could be more effective in their jobs, according to the Public Agenda forum.

Besides being satisfied with a product or service itself, knowledgeable and attentive employees account for 80% of the reasons consumers feel satisfied, as a PNC Bank Corporation survey observed. While 70% of unhappy customers abandon vendors because of poor service, according to the Forum Corp.

The bottom line is that loyal customers and productive employees are the backbone of a successful business, but how to address both of these issues with a strategy that is both easy and effective?

“Our vacation membership packages meets these two challenging aspects of business head-on. For a low cost, one time membership fee, a business owner can use the vacations and travel discounts in a myriad of ways: both for personal travel and for the business. It is a effective, affordable solution and the possibilities for creative promotions are endless and fun both for business owner, as well as the employees and clients.”

So how do businesses utilize travel incentives? Incentive programs can be used in many ways; the following campaigns are just a few examples of what successful companies across North America are using.

Sales Incentives – To increase sales

In a May 1998 Promo Magazine special report, it was noted that LifeUSA attracted new agents and sent sales soaring by abandoning its annual cash incentive program for a more inclusive campaign that gave out merchandise and travel. By the program’s conclusion, policy enrollments exceeded LifeUSA’s initial goal by 700%. There were 10,000 certificates issued and were more than twice what the company planned for. (Copyright IMA)

Employee Incentives – To motivate, retain and reward loyal and efficient employees

A small retail store in Maryland, Target Appliance, used travel incentives. “We introduced our first travel incentive for sales employees five years ago,” says President Daryl Gamerman, “and since then we’ve only lost staff due to retirement. I don’t ever have a problem with our sales people not working hard or volunteering for extra work, because they know it will help qualify them for a great trip.

Customer Loyalty Incentives – To build customer loyalty and trust

The Frequent Builders Program at Garco Building Systems offered travel awards to individuals. Since launching the program five years ago, Garco has experienced a 15 to 25% growth rate, compared to an industry standard of 2-3%. In 2000, the company grew a robust 37%. While it’s impossible to measure precisely the role that the Frequent Builders Program played, “there is no doubt in mind that it helps to build customer loyalty,” says Loomis.

Referral Incentives – To develop contacts or promote referrals

‘Refer three new customers to our Tanning Salon and we will give you a free cruise to the Bahamas or Mexico.’ is one example of so many ways to use incentives to get those referrals every company needs.

Purchase Incentives – Increase cash flow and obtain money upfront

‘Pre-pay a one year service agreement, you will get a free 7 days and 6 nights resort condo accommodation in the destination of your choice.’ is an example how incentives can be used to up sell.

Member Perks – Sell new accounts or memberships

‘Join our golf club now and we will send you and a companion to Las Vegas with airfare and hotel for free!’

‘We will send you and a companion to a free vacation for 3 days/2 nights in over 30 destinations when you open a checking or savings account with us.’

Encourage responsiveness or trial of product or service

‘Send back our questionnaire, we will send you and a companion to Orlando near Disney with free hotel and airfare!’

‘We will give you a free 3 day/2 night vacation to Orlando when you test drive our all new 2002 Honda Hybrid.’

Businesses that have used vacation travel incentives in their marketing and promotions have seen at least 30% increase in their sales on both sides of the buy and sell cycle. Companies of all sizes and virtually any type of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, internet, service, distributor or direct sales business will benefit from incentive travel programs.

About AMH Wholesale Travel

AMH Wholesale Travel is a leader in travel membership packages, showing clients how to travel at wholesale prices. Drawing from over 15 years experience of worldwide travel, the company’s products and services are tailored to meet the needs of clients who travel domestically and abroad. AMH Wholesale Travel specializes in marketing strategies for businesses and non-profits using cost-effective travel incentives.

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