Anyone can Start an Online Store Internet Home Business

Miami, Fl. (PRWEB) May 14, 2006

Starting an online store is, simply put, easy for anyone to do.

First, ones needs to obtain a sales tax license which can be done by visiting the local IRS office. A sales tax license allows one to buy products at wholesale from wholesale distributors and then reseller them at retail to the public.

Then, with a tax license (tax i.d.) in hand, one can get signed up with top wholesale distributors and drop-shippers.

Next, build an internet storefront which is very easy to build using programs such as Microsoft FrontPage or have it built for $ 30 or less per month.

Then promote and advertise your web site on all of the major search engines and other proven and tested Internet marketing methods and then watch the orders start rolling in.

For entrepreneurs who wish to sell the Internet’s best selling products, Inet Start has just launched the new EStorefrontGuide web site.

The EStorefrontGuide web site shows people how to open an online store selling the Internet’s best selling consumer products online.

Top selling products on the Internet in order are:


2-Computer Hardware and Software



5-Video Games

6-Video Game Systems



9-Health and Beauty products

10-Consumer Electronics



13-Office Supplies


15-Home Décor


17-Sporting Goods



20-Tools and Garden


These are the Internets best selling products online. These are the products which people look to purchase online daily. Anyone can start, build and run a profitable online store.

Inet Starts’ EStorefrontGuide web site also shows people where to get the net’s best selling products from top wholesale distributors.

The key to financial success in the online consumer product industry is to keep your internet storefront focused on a niche market along with executing a continual routine of proven internet marketing techniques.

Of course, success doesn’t come overnight but it can come rather quickly if you just take it one step at a time and know exactly what you’re doing.

For more information, visit the EStorefrontGuide

web site at


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