Brinsaire Announces New Small Business Marketing and Advertising Product Addition

Summerfield, NC (PRWEB) July 7, 2004

Brinsaire, Inc. a marketer and strategic solutions provider to businesses in the United States and Canada, announced the new addition to its line of products the AdPack, designed to assist the small business owner with their advertising promotions.

The AdPack, gives the business owner a process to develop 125,000 different, exiting and Innovative ways to promote their business fast.

“Our goal was to find a way to educate the small business owner who just don’t have the time to digest all the many books on advertising and marketing,” stated Robert Crotts, of Brinsaire, Inc. “We wanted a simple solution to help the business owner that would allow them to promote fast and AdPack fit the bill.”

About Brinsaire, Inc.: Brinsaire, Inc. was founded in July, 1999 its focus was to supply products to wholesalers, retailers and consumers in all major markets throughout the United States and Canada in the most effective and efficient manner. Brinsaire, Inc. spends a great deal of time with its wholesalers and retailers, to help them develop sustainable marketing and promotion strategies. The addition of the AdPack is another step in that process.

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