Cell Phone Accessory Seller to Switch Online Auction Sites in Favor of Lower Fees

Cell Phone Accessory Seller to Switch Online Auction Sites in Favor of Lower Fees

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) June 5, 2007

Accessory Export, LLC a Southern California-based cell phone accessory company, today announced it will switch online auction sites, moving from eBay to less costly sites such as Amazon.com and Yahoo Store.

In 2006, Accessory Export, LLC (eBay user ID: accessoryexport) launched more than 850,000 auctions to eBay.com and from those auctions grossed over $ 2 million in sales. But this hefty sales number came with a very large eBay bill. For the year 2006, Accessory Export, LLC paid eBay nearly $ 600,000 in fees.

eBay has long based its fee structure on two components; insertion fees and final value fees. Insertion fees are based on several factors which include starting price of an auction and any selected upgrades such as a gallery picture. Final value fees are percentage based fees that are assessed based on an auction’s final selling price.

Accessory Export, LLC reports that in the cell phone accessory category on eBay, a seller can expect approximately 12 to 20 percent of auctions to end with a successful bidder. That means that 80 to 88 percent of their auctions never even get a bid. Fortunately, on these auctions, Accessory Export is not required to pay a final value fee to eBay. However, every time an auction is listed, regardless of success, eBay collects its required insertion fee.

Even though Accessory Export plans to reduce their eBay presence in favor of other online auction sites, they do not predict any decline in gross sales, they are actually expecting to see a 100 percent increase in sales this year, making their 2007 gross sales close to $ 4 million.

They plan to fuel this growth by branching into other online auction sites, such as, Amazon.com and their new website, http://www.AccessoryExportWholesale.com. These alternate marketplaces may offer slightly less visibility, but their seller friendly fee structures offer huge potential for increased profits.

Amazon’s Marketplace is catalog based and allows multiple sellers to list directly on a single product. In Accessory Export’s opinion, Amazon’s layout is far superior to eBay’s, in the sense that it allows buyers to quickly identify all sellers for a particular item and compare prices on one page. With eBay’s auction-based layout a buyer is forced to search through sometimes thousands of auctions and independently keep track of pricing and product information.

Additionally, Amazon’s fee structure is not based on insertions fees, but is based on a low monthly membership fee and final value fees that are only charged when an item is sold. This fee structure adds up to big profits. Accessory Export, LLC is currently receiving over 300 cell phone accessory orders per day from their Amazon Marketplace account and Accessory Export’s Co-Owner, William Land states, “It would take about 500 orders from eBay to equal the same profit we make on 300 orders via Amazon due to the reduced fees.”

Accessory Export’s newest venture http://www.AccessoryExportWholesale.com is a standalone Yahoo Store website, which Accessory Export plans to promote by utilizing search engine optimization techniques. Yahoo’s store fee structure is similar to that of Amazon, in the sense that they charge a monthly fee along with a small final value fees for all items sold.

This new site, http://www.AccessoryExportWholesale.com, is not scheduled to be completed and officially launch until July 1, 2007, yet the site is already receiving over 100 page views a day and about one order for every 200 page views. Accessory Export, LLC expects this site when complete to produce about 10,000 page views a day and several thousand orders a month.

For additional information about Accessory Export, LLC and their cell phone accessory products please contact Laura Land or visit one of their websites: http://www.AccessoryExport.com, http://www.3lcell.com, or http://www.AccessoryExportWholesale.com

About Accessory Export, LLC

Accessory Export, a cell phone accessory company, was founded in 2001 by William and Laura Land in their home in Tucson, AZ. In the last six years the company has grown from a hobby that used online auction sites into a multi-million dollar company with 20 employees. Accessory Export, LLC is currently located in Riverside, CA and is still family owned and operated. Accessory Export offers a wide variety of cell phone accessories including, chargers, headsets, memory cards, data cables, and they specialize in unique cases and covers.


Laura Land, Co-Owner

Accessory Export, LLC



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