eSources UK Efficiently Transforms the Wholesale Merchandise Buying and Selling Process


London, UK (PRWEB) March 20, 2006

UK wholesale suppliers and worldwide trade buyers now have an enhanced Internet platform to turn to when it comes to promoting and sourcing UK wholesale merchandise. Officially launched in May 2005, eSources UK recently re-debuted with a lineup of utility enhancements that are maximising the efficiency and user-friendliness of wholesale product trading in the UK. Wholesale buyers and sellers who are interested in learning how eSources can assist them in their trading can learn more about the company online at

While the eSources UK platform is increasingly becoming a focal point for sourcing trade products from UK suppliers, the site does not limit itself solely to a UK audience. Since its inception, the site has seen its international presence soar, with American, German, French, Italian and Scandinavian buyers increasingly using the platform to import stock from UK suppliers. Now, with its enhanced set of features, the company’s international presence is poised to continue its ascent.

This global reach is good news for UK suppliers and manufacturers who are finding themselves competing with Eastern giants like China for international trade. eSources UK founder, Stefano Carboni, explains, “As Asia grows in knowledge and expertise, it is starting to devise its own technologies and business methods. Competing with such a mighty power means more frequent reinvention for the preservation of UK talent and industry.” Mr Carboni also responds UK wholesale trade concerns by emphasizing, “The winning supplier must react by exposing its wholesale ranges more often and more regularly. Doing so will ensure a quicker turnaround of stock, a gain in customer loyalty and a quicker product maturation to market trends.” Simultaneously, UK suppliers importing in the UK can preserve and increase their market share by showcasing their products to a broader audience, in real time. With its increased utility, these aims are precisely what eSources UK is setting out to help suppliers achieve.

Wholesale buyers and suppliers need not worry, however, that eSources UK’s enhanced platform will impact their bottom lines. In fact, registration to the site is also offered free of charge for both buyers and suppliers. When they sign up, members receive instant access to thousands of wholesale and bulk supplies, ranging from apparel and clothing to home supplies and everything in between. In addition to the same complimentary features, UK wholesalers and trade suppliers are afforded a free company profile listing in up to 3 categories and the listing of up to 10 products. Those suppliers who are seeking to optimise their exposure to UK and international trade buyers can take advantage of the premium service, which affords them the opportunity to not only showcase an unlimited number of products, but also prioritise their directory and search result positioning. All premium suppliers benefit from the site’s newly launched trade cart, which allows them to specify a price so that buyers may purchase stock directly from eSources.

Retailers, shop owners and Internet traders to large chains, manufacturers and the government who are looking for bulk goods are increasingly using the eSources’ platform to find UK wholesale supplies. One of the site’s members sums up his experience with eSources as “brilliant.” Elaborating on this assessment, he states, “Getting the right suppliers and contacts used to be a struggle but thanks to eSources it will be a snap. I can’t believe that this service is free. I have found lots of companies that I would never have found before.”

For more information on how eSources UK can meet your wholesale buying and selling needs you can reach them directly at +44 (0)207 539 3445 or by email at To learn how you can purchase or list UK wholesale supplies, visit the company online at