Factory Direct Promos Releases New Cool & Unique Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Businesses

Factory Direct Promos Releases New Cool & Unique Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Businesses

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Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) April 16, 2010

It is that special time of year again. The Earth’s birthday, well we don’t know that for sure. So lets call it the Earth’s re-birthday, Earth Day 2010. In honor of our planet and her precious finite resources, Factory Direct Promos is proud to announce the release of new attractive eco promotional products for businesses. These crafty eco promotional items such as custom printed reusable bags made of non-woven polypropylene material or RPET recycled material, business cards made completely of seed paper, and PLA corn products are an excellent way for a business to promote their brand, message and environmental awareness amongst their potential customer base at trade shows and conferences.

Factory Direct Promos, owned and operated by Jason Tunick, based out of Coral Springs Florida has been streamlining custom eco bags and promotional products at wholesale prices to businesses since 2003. Jason has a background in advertising and marketing platforms for companies and has always been an ambassador for the environment and protecting vital ecosystems from overflowing landfills and litter throughout our streams and rivers. He entered the business-to-business realm to motivate companies to effectively drive both their brand and raise interest in taking a stand for improving the ways we handle waste in our society. Here’s Jason’s take on businesses being eco leaders for America:

“I believe that by interacting with hundreds to thousands of businesses we can reach millions. The consumer must understand that we have a duty to this planet and it cannot be taken for granted. My efforts to help companies promote their brand with eco friendly products is making a small difference, but it is a million small differences that lead to one gigantic positive outcome for all people on this planet. I hope to leave our mark by lightening our carbon foot print on the Earth and establishing a mecca for all generations to come.”

There are many ways for a business to promote their brand with Factory Direct Promos; anything from recycled paper pens to reusable stainless steel water bottles. Amongst the new eco product lines are the 100% biodegradable corn products, often referred to as PLA, an acronym for polylactic acid, which is a strong polymer that biodegrades completely within 30-45 days. Another interesting product is seed paper, made completely of seeded woven material. When these seed cards are discarded they break apart and plant in the soil. Within two weeks a sprout will break ground and a flower is born, what a provocative idea! This versatile seed paper can be used for business cards, greeting cards, promotional flyers, CD cases and much more all custom printed with company logo and message. Jason also recently introduced a line of Grow Green Kits, desk plants or herbs that simply need water to germinate and sprout. His featured lines of reusable stainless steel water bottles are a perfect way to everlastingly promote a business’ brand and be a part of the solution to the plastic bottle waste issue.

The core competency of Factory Direct Promos has always been eco friendly wholesale reusable bags and RPET recycled custom bags. Jason is able to keep a very small turnaround time on the custom imprinted logo bags, delivering within 60 days and in stock wholesale reusable bags are shipped in as little as one week. The recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) material is made from 85% used plastic water bottles. Through a process of heating and shredding the bottle is grained into fine strings of material which are then woven into the recycled bags. Yes, that is correct, the plastic bottle waste is transformed into a recycled and reusable bag. These promotional trade show bags are durable and can then be custom imprinted with company logo, message and colors. This is an extraordinary alternative to plastic trade show bags, which when handed out are typically discarded within 24 hours and add to our waste issues. So for a company to hand out reusable bags is a win-win for the business and the environment. The bag is kept for an extensive period of time, keeping the brand alive in the consumer’s mind and is not thrown away to pile up in a landfill somewhere.

Factory Direct Promos is now making an asserted effort to help spread the word in online eco forums, blogs and social networks. By creating and maintaining an eco blog resource full of updated reusable bags news and information on recycling, plastic waste, and other green issues, Factory Direct Promos is directly engaging the world-wide eco friendly community like never before. Jason’s team writes original articles on the issues green-minded people care about, and portraits of other interesting eco-minded companies and organizations detailing their perspective on methods for a greener planet. This reusable bag blog is the medium to create an active eco community online and tighten the fabric of the web to motivate more discussion and debate on which direction we should move as a people to solidify our planet for the future. So on this Earth Day 2010, the first of the new decade, Jason is reaffirming his oath to the environment and his leadership in the B2B market to help companies promote their brand, environmental awareness, and their inherited responsibility to our planet and future generations.

About FactoryDirectPromos.com

Factory Direct Promos Inc was founded by Jason Tunick in 1996. Located in Sunny South Florida, Factory Direct promos, Inc. is a direct manufacturer of Eco Friendly Promotional Products imported direct from his exclusive factories overseas. The website features over 100 eco products such as reusable and recycled bags, stainless steel water bottles, recycled lanyards, organic t-shirts, corn pens, seed paper bookmarks, seed paper shapes, recycled baseball caps and more. Jason Tunick’s twelve year commitment to finding and using renewable resources in his design, development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly premium products, makes his Eco Life product line a pioneer in the eco movement.


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