First Ever B2B Answers Community for Wholesale Industry Launched by, the Largest USA-Based Wholesale Search Engine and Directory

First Ever B2B Answers Community for Wholesale Industry Launched by, the Largest USA-Based Wholesale Search Engine and Directory

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2010

JP Communications INC CEO Jason Prescott is pleased to announce the official launch of TopTenWholesale Answers, an expert community where wholesalers, manufacturers and business professionals can find and share wholesale business solutions.

TopTenWholesale Answers provides the first opportunity ever in the B2B wholesale industry for buyers and suppliers to discover and share business solutions on topics such as promoting a website, importing products from foreign suppliers, shipping documentation, trade shows, dropshipping and many more topics related to buying and selling products in domestic and international trade. Community members can easily find answers to questions on sourcing or selling wholesale products from industry experts and peers.

“As interest in industry forums wanes, TopTenWholesale offers a more expedient solution to community interaction by creating a FREE Answers community strictly dedicated to the wholesale B2B industry,” said TopTenWholesale CEO Jason Prescott. While there are many questionable forums online that charge for access, most forums are structured as topics and posts rather than questions and answers. Thus people must read through tons of irrelevant content to find needed information. “TopTenWholesale Answers gets business questions answered quickly and free of charge, and it’s easy to tell who the experts are and are not,” added Prescott.

“Our community is full or experts ready to answer business questions because these professionals anticipate the opportunity of getting a steady stream of traffic to their own sites from TopTenWholesale Answers as a result of answering questions as top industry authorities,” said Les Hughes, TopTenWholesale Chief Technology Officer. “We post a list of the Top Experts and their scores on each page, and our Answers community is live, dynamic, responsive, and connected to social media,” he added. “We are pleased to see TopTenWholesale offer another industry innovation,” said Jason Kole, Vice President of Kole Imports. “Kole Imports is a leader in the dollar store and dropshipping categories, and now we can interact with real people on the Internet’s most credible platform for connecting buyers and sellers,” added Kole.

“TopTenWholesale is the industry leader in providing added value for the wholesale community,” declared Prescott. “We launched the first ever TopTenWholesale TV video site for free viewing and posting of wholesale industry videos; and now we are providing a platform where wholesale buyers and suppliers can ask and answer questions by sharing community knowledge,” he added.

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