goWholesale B2B PPC Search Engine Marketing Program To Be Operated By NETexponent

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 10, 2008

goWholesale.com, a division of Liquidity Services Inc., provides wholesale buyers with an efficient and fast way to connect with vendors and merchants. In an effort to direct more traffic to the goWholesale website the company has partnered with NETexponent, an online direct marketing and PPC agency who will manage the company’s B2B (business-to-business) search engine marketing campaign. The paid search program will deliver quality traffic to goWholesale through highly targeted media campaigns across a variety of search engines.

goWholesale is a vertical B2B search engine that allows advertisers to promote their businesses through PPC (pay per click) advertising, organic search listings, or banner ads on its site.

“NETexponent’s enthusiasm in tackling this PPC campaign showed us they had a clear vision,” said Jean Bahnik, Senior Director at goWholesale. “This type of PPC architecture is a bit of uncharted territory, so the guidance of an experienced marketing agency is paramount. Based on the results we’ve seen thus far NETexponent has the innovation and organization to manage such a complicated search engine marketing campaign and we are excited to continue our partnership.”

The primary goal of the PPC search engine marketing campaign is to maintain a positive ROI for goWholesale without raising the CPC for goWholesale’s advertisers. To do so, NETexponent will be administering search arbitrage which will allow goWholesale to profit from the difference between the CPCs of keywords in their search campaign and the CPC for advertisers on their site. goWholesale’s PPC campaign will run on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Superpages, adding another level of complication as these search engines are also indirect competitors of goWholesale.

In the first month after NETexponent began managing the search engine marketing campaign, goWholesale has already achieved an 8% ROI increase on Google search terms, 15% on MSN, 35% on Google 411, and 7% overall. This ROI increase exceeded goWholesale’s expectations and the positive trend is expected to continue as the campaign develops.

“goWholesale provides a very valuable service to many businesses and we are pleased to be working with them,” said Peter Figueredo, Co-Founder and CEO of NETexponent. “In a short amount of time our search marketing team has successfully addressed the unique challenge of driving paid traffic from the search engines to goWholesale.com that will in turn result in profitable clicks on ads for their advertisers.”

In order to capitalize on the search arbitrage strategy NETexponent will need to constantly analyze CPCs in the ever-changing search landscape, including the unique situations surrounding vertical B2B engines. The PPC agency team will decrease or remove bids on words that create a negative ROI and examine and expand bids on words that do the opposite. As goWholesale increases their partnership with advertisers, competition on their site will drive keyword bidding up, creating more flexibility in bidding for goWholesale’s own search engine marketing campaign, another way to maintain a positive ROI.

About goWholesale

goWholesale’s mission is simple: to help your business to do business. Owned and operated by Liquidity Services Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT), goWholesale started in 2004 as a B2B search engine to help wholesale buyers connect to wholesale suppliers in the quickest and most efficient way possible — via the internet. Since then, we’ve helped change the way wholesale products are sourced, and now we’re leading the way as the premier web portal for sourcing a range of wholesale products, finding providers of business services, reading the latest articles, news, and tips for starting and growing a business, and sharing viewpoints with a community of businessmen and women.

About NETexponent

NETexponent is a full service online performance marketing agency based in New York City. Since 2001, NETexponent has developed efficiency-driven online marketing programs for leading clients like Audible.com, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Financial Times, and Wine Enthusiast. NETexponent offers innovative strategies in affiliate and search engine marketing as well as other areas like social media marketing and lead generation. Our ground-breaking methodologies and holistic approach to marketing augment both online and offline efforts to help our clients achieve aggressive goals while maintaining brand integrity. NETexponent is committed to being the industry’s most efficient and ethical performance marketing agency, continually evolving to address changing market conditions and client needs.



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