Keep Your Kids Safe, Educated and Highly Entertained by the New “Son of the Mask” Internet Kid Safe Browser


Keep Your Kids Safe, Educated and Highly Entertained by the New “Son of the Mask” Internet Kid Safe Browser

Littleton, CO (PRWEB) February 10, 2005

The Children’s Educational Network last month acquired a license agreement with New Line Cinema giving them the rights to create a “Son of the Mask” branded Kid Safe Browser designed to protect children on the Internet with their proprietary protection software.

“The Son of the Mask browser utilizes incredible technology that allows children to surf only safe, parent-approved, child-appropriate websites. Unlike a typical filter, this browser pulls information from a list of approved websites only, the safest and most reliable method according to industry experts,” said Greg Writer, San Diego’s foremost authority on the topic of online safety for children. The browser is available now at

The technology is comprised of a “Son of the Mask”-themed Kid Safe Browser and a closed, online community for kids that includes a buddies-only email and chat system. This setup allows children to enjoy the Internet in an entertaining and educational setting while giving parents the peace of mind that their kids are safe. It works with any Internet Service Provider and is built on the Microsoft Windows Platform. A very unique feature developed under license with Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq NM: MSFT) is their MS Agent technology. Using this technology, Children’s Educational Network will create a 3D-animated version of “Otis” the dog, one of the main characters in the Son of the Mask film. Otis will be the Internet Guide for the Son of the Mask Kid Safe Browser to entertain and lead children through their customized Internet experience. Parents also have the ability to program Otis to remind their children of chores or give them encouraging words while they use the browser.

The Children’s Educational Network suite of applications includes child-safe web browsers, talking email, talking chat, and, in the future, talking instant messaging. Parents can program and edit an “include list,” allowing children to only have access to kid-safe websites.

Internet service providers like America Online have parental control technology, but The Kids takes it a step further with “desktop lockdown.” This is the most significant feature, allowing children to surf with closed community browsers. Other ISP parental controls allow children to minimize the browser, leaving them vulnerable to an unguarded Internet.

Other The Kids features include:

▪ Talking animated characters: These characters help guide, protect and entertain children while surfing the Internet.

▪ Personal information filter: Prevents children from distributing personal information in chat rooms, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

▪ Language filters: Typing profanity is blocked while the animated character politely asks the child to rewrite his or her message.

▪ Parental notifications: Parents are emailed anytime the child attempts to visit a questionable web site.

For a free demo go to and click on the Childrens Educational Network button.

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