NY Company Shares The Wealth With Retailers

NY Company Shares The Wealth With Retailers

Albany, NY (PRWEB) November 1, 2006

SiCap Industries makes fifteen different natural products aimed at the (Health & Personal Care) markets. Their flagship brand is “Sinus Buster”, the world’s first line of hot pepper nasal sprays made with Capsaicin, a natural heat source found in peppers of the Capsicum variety.

With sales in the millions and profits tripling yearly, this once small “start up” has grown into a major corporate player on retail shelves. While many popular brands raise prices yearly, SiCap Industries has chosen to offer discounts to their retailers with new wholesale pricing effective today.

“At a recent trade show, we noticed wholesale prices for health and personal care products are on the rise. It was an especially big concern to many smaller retailers attending the show. We spoke with hundreds of retailer buyers who were looking for top quality products at bottom line prices. And with profits better than ever for SiCap, we decided it was time to re-invest in our retailers. Aside from our large chain stores, we also have nearly two thousand independent retailers all over America, and these small resellers need a break to,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

Since brokers and distributors take a sizeable piece of the pie before most consumer products ever reach the stores, SiCap Industries uses a unique business model that circumvents traditional methods of retail distribution. In this way, the company is able to control costs at every level and get new products out to market extremely fast. SiCap not only manufactures their products in house, but they also distribute their products directly to American stores with no middlemen.

“We control all aspects of manufacturing and distribution. From the moment our ingredients come through the door to the moment our finished products reach the store shelves. By cutting out the unnecessary middlemen and dealing direct with stores, we keep our wholesale costs well below the industry standard, and we bring the consumer top quality products for fair market prices,” says Rob Sasso, Director Of Operations for SiCap Industries.

While many other health products will certainly cost more in 2007, SiCap Industries has given their wholesale buyers generous discounts on the entire Sinus Buster line. The new discounts are designed to save money for large volume retailers, as well as independent stores that may order only small quantities. SiCap is also offering retailers a host of other marketing incentives and special promotions for the coming year.

According to Scott Latella, National Sales Manager for SiCap Industries, the goal is to build a close working partnership with retailers.

“Our retailers are the backbone of the business, and we think of them as partners. The more we can do to help our partners increase margins and move product, the better SiCap does. That’s why Sinus Buster is consistently a top selling brand in every store we put it in. We’re building a household name with Sinus Buster and it’s catching on everywhere, but much of that success is due to the support of the retail sector. Our retailers get excited about the product because it moves fast and it makes them money, but even more important, Sinus Buster makes their customers happy. We’re reinvesting in our retailers by saving them money, and they support our products by ordering more and more which also keeps prices low at the consumer end. It’s a pretty simple equation”.

It seems the company’s business model has proven highly successful. According to SiCap’s most recent data, retail distribution for their Sinus Buster line has already increased by 300% over 2005 figures. In addition, the company projects the number of new retailers carrying Sinus Buster to top out at a 400% increase by the end of this year with similar growth expected in 2007.

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