On the Move! Appointment-Plus Online Dock-Scheduling Software Expanding its Presence in Distributors? Supply Chain

On the Move! Appointment-Plus Online Dock-Scheduling Software Expanding its Presence in Distributors’ Supply Chain

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Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) June 01, 2011

Scheduling inbound shipments is an important—yet time-consuming and tedious—part of the supply chain for thousands of distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and other facilities nationwide. These businesses are quickly realizing that a paper appointment book and phoned-in delivery times is not the most efficient way to handle their dock-scheduling and are turning to online technology to improve their operations. Thanks to online dock-scheduling software from Appointment-Plus, a growing number of these sites are automating and streamlining the way they manage their deliveries and docks by giving carriers and drivers the ability to schedule their own drop-off times online.

A leader in online scheduling software since 2001, Appointment-Plus has observed a significant increase recently in the number of facilities embracing Web-based applications for their dock-scheduling needs. In fact, this segment is one of the fast-growing among the over 100 individual industries Appointment-Plus serves. Distributors Solutions, a purchasing consortium that supports the independent distributors, wholesalers and contractors of MillerCoors, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, Network Services and Johns Manville, is now an affiliate of Appointment-Plus and promotes the online scheduling software within the industry.

Other notable clients that utilize Appointment-Plus online scheduling software include Pepsi Bottling Company, Georgia-Pacific and Sonoco.    

The framework behind Appointment-Plus makes it a natural fit for scheduling deliveries and docks.

“On paper, the delivery process seems fairly simple and ‘cut-and-dry’, but this typically is not the case, as any dock manager or staffer can attest to” says Bob La Loggia, CEO of StormSource Software, the developer of Appointment-Plus. “That’s why an increasing number of inbound facilities are turning to Appointment-Plus to automate this important piece of their supply chains.”

One of the most popular Appointment-Plus features is online carrier and driver self-scheduling, as it alone can completely automate the delivery process. A facility can add a “Book Now” button to a Web site or online portal, or simply distribute the scheduler’s unique URL link to their carriers. The carriers and drivers access the online scheduling software the same way as any Web site. Once accessed, the scheduler will show available delivery times and docks, as well as any added instructions on how to schedule a delivery.

Other popular features of Appointment-Plus online scheduling software include automated e-mail and text message reminders, which can help reduce the number of missed and late deliveries; and robust record-keeping and reporting capabilities, which allow dock managers and staff to quickly view delivery and carrier information and notes.

Because it’s Web-based, Appointment-Plus online scheduling software requires only an Internet connection to access and utilize, with no installations, downloads or additional hardware necessary. This makes the technology beneficial for dock managers who must have access to their delivery calendar at all times, as the software is not limited to one computer or network.

Pricing starts at $ 39 per month with no long-term contracts, along with free set-up assistance from a professional coach during the 15-day free trial period.

“Scheduling deliveries over the phone, by fax or e-mail can be frustrating for both dispatcher and carrier alike,” La Loggia continues. “Appointment-Plus is a ‘win-win’ benefit for everyone involved in the delivery process.”

To learn more about Appointment-Plus online scheduling software and how it can improve your docking processes, click here.

About Appointment-Plus:

Appointment-Plus supplies almost 5,000 clients throughout the United States, Canada and 10 other countries the tools they need to efficiently, accurately and automatically schedule appointments and sessions, book rooms, accept registrations and many other services. The flagship product of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based StormSource Software, the online application has scheduled over 65 million appointments since its launch in 2001. Users of the software include distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and other inbound facilities, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare agencies and facilities, and federal and local government, as well as small businesses such as medical offices, spas, salons, health clubs and massage therapists.


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