Presslink Invests to Expand Print Management Capabilities


Presslink Invests to Expand Print Management Capabilities

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Dallas, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) March 16, 2011

Recently Presslink Printing Ltd. completed an implementation of robust distribution management software, adding a new dimension of strength to their extensive product and service offerings.

With this investment, Presslink can provide multifaceted distribution channels for internal business printing needs and e-commerce outlets for external sales. Companies can centralize procurement and empower their employees to order their own business cards, brochures, direct mail and internal printed and promotional products, and offer and fulfill items for retail to the general public (including core retail products and/or souvenir branded items such as caps, shirts, keychains, etc) to customers through a white-label, highly customizable e-commerce outlet.

Presslink customers will find the executive dashboard interface makes using the software easy to understand. Best of all, Presslink centralizes procurement of the entire print supply chain, and provides all inventory management and print fulfillment based on the specs of each unique ordered project. Presslink has literally thousands of wholesale print manufacturing partners and affiliates to ensure each print job is matched with the best print production plant based on available capacity, equipment list, price and delivery considerations.

“This is an exciting time for Presslink and our customers. We believe success in the marketplace begins and ends with the right people doing the right things for our customers. This investment shows our commitment to put relevant technologies into action to help our customers control costs, streamline operations and facilitate growth. We are evermore capable, prepared and ready to lead our industry with expert enterprise-wide print management solutions for our customers,” says Chris Hetterich, President of Presslink.

The right people- Knowledgeable team, local and fast responding.

The right technology- Complete enterprise solutions, scalable and streamlined to a single source.

The right reporting- Tools to make the very best procurement decisions.

The right manufacturing and pricing- Access to literally thousands of industry suppliers with diverse production and pricing strengths, and maximum aggregate production capacity.

The right performance- On time delivery, eliminate out of stock conditions, inventory and one-off project management.

The right leadership- Thorough new project evaluations, guidance and management.

Ultimately, we believe well done is better than well said. We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to our customers.”

Presslink has been in business since 1993, supplying print management and print procurement services for clients nationwide. To learn more about managed print solutions, contact Presslink Printing Ltd. at

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