Promotional Products UK Widen Scope for Company Specific Freebies


Everyone loves a freebie. What happens, though, when a company with a very specific target market needs to find a product to use as giveaway material? It’s useless for a company with a niche audience to give away stuff that doesn’t come under the purview of its audience’s interests. That’s where promotional products UK

come in. Modern ranges of promotional products in the UK represent a pretty full coverage of most interests – and that means that any company with a niche following can attract the attention of their market with targeted give away items.

Consider, for example, a health food company. There is very little point in a health food company giving away desk and office equipment (the traditional standby for promotional gear in the UK): its target buyers are health food stores, gyms, sports centres and other places where there is normally very few staff tied to a desk. For the right promotional products UK for a health food company to think about using are more tied in with the lifestyle they are trying to promote – things like pedometers, body fat analysers, heartbeat monitors, all stuff that promo product wholesalers are now offering. Gone are the days when running a giveaway promotion meant giving customers a ruler with your phone number on it – these days, anything affordable (i.e. any item that doesn’t cost so much to buy that giving it away would be foolish) can be blazoned with the logo and business of one’s company.

There are some promotional companies out there, businesses who have learned to take advantage of modern production techniques to deliver just about anything as a promotional products UK opportunity. One of the best, going by the slightly unwieldy name of BPMA Sourcing which offers the kind of range on its site of its members products that you’d normally expect to find in a department store. According to BPMA anything can represent a promotional opportunity as long as it’s packaged correctly. The BPMA offers 33 categories of promotional products from their members on their website; the site covers everything from company awards to Christmas items and portable computer hardware.

The last two example listed here are pretty representative of the tow most useful strands promotional products UK can fall into. On the one hand, you’ve got seasonal type goods – things targeted very specifically according to a time of year, which make your customer feel that one is giving them a real present. On the other, we find a year round item that crosses almost all business boundaries in terms of usefulness. Everyone uses computers, at home and at work, no matter what they do. Which makes a portable USB drive, for instance, an excellent promotional item – it’s useful, which means it will get used. And in being used, it will continue to present the name of the company whose logo it bears, long after the promotion it was a part of has finished. Two separate strands in which promotional products UK really come into their own – and two tactics well supported by the modern proliferation of varied, quality products available for use as promo gifts.

BPMA is a new and promising sourcing website for promotional products UK offering huge selection of high quality promotional merchandise with the facility of request for free quotes from members.