Study Compares Performance of Popular Open Source SIP Proxies


Study Compares Performance of Popular Open Source SIP Proxies

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 9, 2007

Two competing open source projects have now been compared in a side by side test. SIP Express Router, also known as SER (, is the respected pioneer of open source SIP proxies. SER has been available since November 2003 and has a reputation for high performance and reliability. The upstart, OpenSER ( was created when developers disappointed by SER’s slow release schedule, forked a version of SER to create OpenSER in June 2005. Ever since, SIP proxy users have been faced with the question, which project is best?

TransNexus, an independent developer of VoIP Operations and Billing Support System (OSS/BSS) software decided to answer this question for its customers once and for all. Most product benchmark test plans are designed to yield incredible results for marketing promotion. The TransNexus benchmark plan was different. It was designed to mimic a production network with a lot of failed call attempts and the added overhead of call detail record collection.

As expected, the TransNexus results were not as amazing as some of the other published test results, but they were realistic and still very impressive. Telecom equipment vendors need to beware, both SER and OpenSER are ready to scale for the largest wholesale carrier operations. To summarize the results, TransNexus found that either OpenSER or SER SIP proxies have the performance to manage 720 calls per second on a $ 3,000 Linux server with dual Intel Xeon CPUs. For a typical wholesale carrier operation, this performance is sufficient to manage over 700 million minutes of traffic each month! While OpenSER and SER are competing against each other, they are rapidly out running the cost/benefit performance offered by commercial telecom equipment vendors. See for all the details.

About TransNexus

TransNexus has been an innovator of commercial and open source VoIP Operations and Billing Support Systems (OSS/BSS) since 1997. Deployment of the TransNexus OSS/BSS solution provides wholesale VoIP carriers with an immediate increase in operational profits. Key features include automated Least Cost and Grade of Service Routing, secure inter-carrier peering, traffic analysis, hourly billing reports, new revenues from wholesale services, and lower cost back-office operations.

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