Success has Never Been Easier for The Real Estate Professional – Introducing the Ultimate ‘Business Tool Package’

Success has Never Been Easier for The Real Estate Professional – Introducing the Ultimate ‘Business Tool Package’

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) March 24, 2006

Pittsburgh-based Promotions For You developer of Real Estate eCentral, the first interactive “Direct To Desktop” promotional product that never needs replaced has teamed with “Printing For ProfitsTM”. “Printing For ProfitsTM” is unveiling a breakthrough business system that will revolutionize the printing industry, AND lets members cash in on the insatiable demand for printing by nearly every business in America. “Printing For ProfitsTM” is so confident in their system that they offer a test drive for a full year at absolutely no risk to participants.

The system called MPTAutomation™ is a cutting-edge business model for marketing and selling fast, high-quality, full-color printing to a market that’s screaming for these services. What makes this opportunity even more exciting is the fact “Printing For ProfitsTM” will permit a businessperson to use their system to secure wholesale pricing for their own business even if they choose not sell to the wider marketplace. “Printing For ProfitsTM” is backed by a multi-million dollar organization that has the capability to print 16 million pieces a day and ink-jet, sort and mail over 1.2 million pieces per day.

The MPTAutomation™ system gives Users The Same Pricing, Same Easy-To Use System, Same Automated Shipping… ALL The Advantages that were Once Available on to the Big Users at True Wholesale Pricing.

The combination of “Printing For ProfitsTM” and “Real Estate eCentral” a Communications Management System that includes:

A useful set of time saving tools

A system that requires no sophisticated software to function effectively

Valuable targeted information on demand

Simple to use technology

Cost control features included at no extra cost

A compact downloadable delivery system that is absolutely effortless

An interactive communications management system that results in strong customer relations unleashes the power of technology and offline marketing into a combined set of tools that is simple to implement, simple to manage, and simple to grow.

For additional information on this ultimate Business Tool Package for the Real Estate Professional visit “Printing For ProfitsTM” or Real Estate eCentral or call Robert Lazor at 412 367-8890

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