The First Hybrid Wholesaler Business Model to Successfully Pay Passive Cash Flow on Corporate Sales

Affiliate Wholesales

(PRWEB) August 3, 2010

For the first time, North American business can both financially and psychologically benefit from the marriage of two previously unrelated business models – the wholesale / retail & affiliate marketing. has been called a ‘Game Changer’ by industry insiders as members and retail businesses across the nation embrace the company that gives back to their membership base. The technology allows everyday people to participate in the group purchase and sale of multiple tangible items.

“We are very excited to launch Affiliate Wholesales. Our upgraded members and their affiliates providers are part of the solution to ensure that all North Americans benefit from the sales we can accomplish together,” said Shane Harder, executive director of the Affiliate Wholesales. “And we are extremely honored to have the backing and support of many seasoned network marketing promoters and professionals world wide.”

The company allows members to deposit funds which are immediately applied the the cost of retail items. Each member can allocate a maximum of $ 20 USD per sell able item. The higher the cost, the more members involved. The company then takes that product to the market using over 50 different top ranking classified & auction based websites. When a sale takes place, 20% of the overall profits on that item is split between the members involved. Members do not have to participate in the actual selling of the product. The company has put systems in place to manage the sales process in house. This business model allows for truly passive income and cash flow for the membership base who participate. These members are known as “upgraded” members.

In addition to passive income for upgraded members, there is also a free alternative as an affiliate member. offers 10% of the profits to be paid directly to affiliate members who personally sponsor upgraded members. There is no cost to be an affiliate member. As a result, marketers in countries like Mexico, Jakarta, Indonesia, India, China are rapidly getting involved on the free affiliate promotional opportunity. is a wholesale / retail company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting in demand electronic items and flourishing economic payback. It is the company’s mission to deliver the finest array of technologically advanced essential and beneficial electronic products available. AffiliateWholesales is the only network marketing company to have successfully combined these two business models to produce a truly membership based passive cash flow business model. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and more information on the company can be found at For more information about the companies and product lines, visit, and


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