WholesaleMusicCDs.com Launches New Service Called MusicFor5


WholesaleMusicCDs.com Launches New Service Called MusicFor5

Champaign, IL (PRWEB) August 2, 2006

As most of you know, the Retail Music Industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, some positive and many negative. Most of the changes are due to Bootlegging, illegal Burning/Online Downloading and even Legal Online Downloading of Music. The good news is, Consumers still purchase tons of Music Offline; however, Consumers want GREAT prices, and the demographic of Consumers buying Offline is changing. So after distributing Music CDs for about 7 years and making MANY changes in the last couple of years dealing with some good times and lots of very bad times from a profit perspective, WholesaleMusicCDs.com a division of Allegiant Marketing Inc., has decided to accept the one fact they have always noticed which is if Retailers can sell Known Artist Quality Music CDs to the public at LOW Prices Consumers will buy regardless if the CDs are Newer or Older titles. So WholesaleMusicCDs.com has decided to stop pulling their hair out, and go with the flow, giving Retailers and Consumers what they want. WholesaleMusicCDs.com has Launched a New Service called “MusicFor5”. They will Wholesale Music CDs to their Wholesale Retailer Buyers for $ 3 each, and the Retailers will sell them to the General Public for $ 5 each.

They will also offer the Retailers that buy the Music CDs the ability to become an Authorized “Musicfor5” dealer for no additional cost and provide them with additional benefits/privileges to enhance their sales efforts. They will give their Retailers an Exchange Program for CDs that don’t sell after at least 30 days. They will provide their Retailers with FREE LOCAL ADVERTISING on MusicFor5.com the Authorized “MusicFor5” dealers site. They will also give their Retailers Free Shipping and Handling, so there will be NO surprises. Their Retailers will pay a total of $ 3 for each CD Delivered. They feel that with all these benefits and the fact that $ 5 for CDs is already tremendously appealing to Consumers, the Retailers that purchase from WholesaleMusicCDs.com will be able to participate in their program without the normal concerns and worries most Retailers have when adding a product line to their business.

They will invest in promoting all of their Retailers businesses on the MusicFor5.com site. The Retailers business listing will remain active on MusicFor5.com for 3 months at a time and will automatically renew for an additional 3 months if the Retailer places a new order within each 3 month period they are listed on MusicFor5.com. As the number of MusicFor5.com Authorized Dealers grows, the amount of resources they’ll put into promoting the Retailers businesses will also grow. Over time this can become a very powerful Advertising tool for their Retailers.

Basically when you add it all up, they are eliminating most of the Risk to their Retailers by giving them the chance to Exchange CDs the Retailers cannot sell, by giving Free Shipping to eliminate profit eating surprises, and by Promoting the Retailers Businesses with MusicFor5.com which should help them sell the Music CDs they purchase from WholesaleMusicCDs.com and help them sell other products the Retailer also carries at their business.

The MusicFor5.com Authorized Dealer website will officially launch on August 10, 2006.

For additional information on the MusicFor5 program visit WholesaleMusicCDs.com.


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